A personal relationship with your spine expert
Most up-to-date preventative measures.
Longer, more comprehensive appointments
HIPAA compliant patient portal and educational tools

Chronic back/neck pain is a significant source of healthcare expenditure in the United States.  Approximately 80% of the adult population in the United States will experience a severe bout of back/neck pain that significantly interferes with their activities of daily living.  It is the second leading reason why patients see their doctors. Of the acute spine pain population, a large number of patients develop chronic ailments that require dutiful supervision and management.  Unfortunately, the oversight of such conditions is left in the hands of non-spine specialists.  Our goal is simple:  provide a certain subset of patients the ability of 24/7 access to their spine specialist.  Navigating the spine territory can be daunting for many patients.  Chronic spine pain and symptoms can be interconnected with other issues – varying from other bone and joint problems, to more medical, neurological and inflammatory pathologies.  We need to be there for the patients in order to make sense of the chaos. In patients that are afflicted with chronic neck and back discomfort, whom have flare-ups, time is of the essence.  They do not care to waste this time with their primary care team – direct access to the spine expert is critical.